We serve, wholesome, fulfilling, home-style, fast-casual Arabic food, and offer our customers value for money. From a vibrant Mezza selection to char-grilled meats and the renowned chicken dishes, Massaad Farm-to-Table proves that fresh and delicious can also be affordable and easy.


Our founders Joe Kandalaft and son Marc launched the initial Massaad BBQ in Dubai on Shaikh Zayed Road with a single mission in mind - to source the best homegrown products from regional farms. Inspired by countryside cooking and the fresh produce of Zahle, (their hometown in Lebanon) they decided to share the wealth of fresh agricultural products from the farmlands in both local and regional areas.

We were on a chicken mission for two years, traveling to every farm in the country and not giving up until we finally found our chicken love. Never frozen. Always fresh.


At Massaad Farm to Table, we’re devoted to the quality of our products, and we source 90% of our fresh ingredients regionally - first through UAE farms before going regionally to other Middle Eastern countries. Even our infamous chicken comes fresh daily from a UAE based farm, as well as fruits and herbs that together create a menu that abounds in home-style and wholesome. Our slogan Eat Well. Eat Local. emphasizes on eating well, by eating farm-fresh produce sourced from local growers/farmers, which is served straight to your table. We follow the farm to table philosophy, which embraces a sustainable approach to agriculture and dining by using locally sourced, farm fresh produce. The local food movement, which picked up speed during the first decade of the 21st century, touts the benefits of being a “locavore” - someone who makes a conscious effort to eat food produced in their surrounding area. The value in eating locally is that the food is fresher and healthier, and supports the regional farming communities.




"This place serves the best shish tawook in town and they serve it the way it should be, on "Tabliyyeh". "Tabliyyeh" is an old traditional small wooden table, but in this case is a small wooden plate. Love it! Nice experience, I believe this is a must try." Outlier Dubai (Yadig.com)

"Best chicken shawarmas!" Namir A. (Foursquare.com)

"Very Tasty meat and chicken!" Ramy E (Foursquare.com)

"Try there "Sheesh Tawook Tableyah" it's a feast for the eye and mouth and stomach ;) .." Ali A. (Foursquare.com)